What We Do

To establish a partnership with the local and corporate organization in Kenya, and throughout Africa, to provide meaningful job training and customize employment opportunities for  youth with developmental disabilities.

Our Programs

Supported Employment Program (S.E.P)

The program helps assure a good workplace fit for employers and adults with developmental disabilities, offering individual and group employment opportunities with careful oversight from our qualified staff. Supported Employment staff work closely with the employer to train the individual on each job task. The level of support is catered to each individual based on their unique abilities, needs, and learning styles. Once a worker is fully trained, Job Coaches provide ongoing support and feedback to monitor the progress of the individual in order to ensure continued growth and success in their position.

Therefore, job coach support decreases as the individual becomes more comfortable and more skilled at his/her individual job.

Supported Employment can offer significant benefits for employers. If you are an employer looking for additional information on hiring trained, entry-level workers, reducing turnover rate and lowering training costs, please contact us.

School Transition to Work (S.T.W.P Club)

The High School Transition to Work Program provides a variety of services to assist students in planning for a smooth transition from high school to employment. S.T.W.P provides students with transferable work readiness skills and relevant social skill development as part of their Individualized Education Program (I.E.P), improving future opportunities for competitive employment and/or post-secondary education. S.T.W.P is designed to provide students with real-world, hands-on training through a unique opportunity to explore a number of different career paths.

If your school is interested with the program, kindly contact evalyne@anapendeza.co.ke


We provide home-schooling services for learners with developmental disabilities.  We not only focus on home-schooling but also provide after-school tutoring. Our main goals are to help home-school families with learners with developmental disabilities establish an individualized home-school plan and provide teachers to help implement that plan.  We strive in our ability to work with parents and children who require the personalized assistance necessary to realize a special needs student’s full academic potential. We customize learning programs to suit the individual needs of each student we work with. We set goals, progress at the student’s pace, track his or her development, and provide him or her with the attention he or she needs to achieve satisfactory academic results.

Our support staff and many of our teachers have special education backgrounds and are happy to provide the individualized services you need.