Anapendeza is a social enterprise that seeks to economically empower youth with developmental disabilities. This is done through Work Readiness Training, Digital Skills Training, Craftsman Training and finally matching potential employers with the trainees. We customize employment for each of our trainees, youth with developmental disabilities, depending on their strengths and job preference.

Lydia(not her real name) is a young autistic lady that is trained on clerical skills, data entry and knitting but she is unable to get a job. With her skills and qualifications, she is unable to be included in the workplace, she is unable to get support services in the workplace, she can’t be integrated into the mainstream company since they don’t have support structures or expertise on how to accommodate her.

Mwangi lives with his mother in Kawangware one of the low-income areas in Kenya. His desire is to get a well-paying job to support his mother and pay for their basic needs, but due to lack of vocational training and him dropping out of high school due to the financial burdens, he works at a construction site and he is paid $3 a day to make ends meet. He takes the low paying jobs due to lack of work skills training and the high unemployment rate for youth with developmental disabilities.

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